Year: 2022
Studio/Agency: Character

Role: Senior Designer

Creative Director: Brooke Willis
Senior Designers: Jake Kincaid, Mo Hy
Senior Copywriter: Andrew Mitchell
Senior Strategist: Kaitlin Maud
Senior Program Manager: Madison Bencomo
Animation: Larry Brown, Tony Toy

Clockwise is a time management program that optimizes team’s schedules. It learns about what we need from each day, and what our coworkers need from us. Then it makes time for both, using AI to find the right moments for us to meet while protecting flexible time for us to focus.
The design system is built around connectivity through synchronicity. By perfectly aligning priorities and schedules at the collective level, workplaces transform into communities. When our calendars are more connected, we’re more connected, too. So even when we’re working on our own, we’re working together.

The mark aims to be simple, clean, and capture both a sense of energy and collaboration. The foundation is set up on a grid of 4 circles, representing the collaboration of different schedules coming together. The positive space within the mark represents a spark of energy and our curved forms bring in the idea of synchronicity in workflow.
The final animation (developed by the Clockwise team) embodies both the feeling of a spark and the clockwise rotation of time.
While keeping all the functionality of a workhorse Grotesk, Mori shows off its personality with exaggerated flowing letterforms.