Creative Capital Artist Benefit and Banquet

Year: 2022

Creative Capital is a nonprofit organization based in New York City that supports artists across the United States through funding, counsel, gatherings, and career development services.

The Artist Benefit and Banquet is their biggest fundraiser of the year, celebrating artists and the creative community.
For their first ever Banquet and Benefit, the design challenge was to create an identity that could be consistent over the years, while allowing for flexibility within the system.

The identity builds on a multitude of aspects found in Creative Capital’s messaging and core values, with a focus on collaboration and community.

Through the multi-colored palette and the rotation of the ×/+ symbol, the design simultaneously references art that challenges convention and supports the spirit of fostering a diverse ecosystem in the arts.

The design was also inspired in part by a membership initiative started a few months earlier, where we produced tote bags encouraging new members to “Keep Art Wild.”
Handed out as gifts for supporters during the Artist Benefit and Banquet, this treatment also builds off the notion of multiple perspectives by offering multiple ways of looking at one thing.