Year: 2014
Format: Newsprint, unbound saddle-stitch
Size: A4
Pages: 30
The ISIA Urbino / Werkplaats Typografie Summer School is a two week program that takes place annually. Participants are expected to come up with their own project within a given theme that connects to the local context, and are advised on the project by tutors from both the Werkplaats Typografie and ISIA Urbino. In 2014, this included Karel Martens, Armand Mevis, Maureen Mooren, and Leonardo Sonnoli. 
We were given the theme of “Urbino as a Stage.” My approach was typographic. By using the numbering system on a found map, letterforms were placed into the architectural environment at the predetermined sites. Photographs were taken of the letterforms in the physical space and a new alphabet was created in collaboration with the environment. The final result was documented in a booklet, which was left unbound to reference the loose sheets of paper that were used in the process.