Year: 2021
Studio/Agency: Character

Role: Senior Designer

Creative Director: Rishi Shourie
Associate Creative Director: Andrew Johnson
Senior Designers: Jake Kincaid, Jerome Lousick
Senior Copywriter: Andrew Mitchell
Copywriter: Natalie Cipriano
Strategy Director: Kaitlin Maud
Associate Strategy Director: Channing Jones
Program Manager: Margaret Biebel
Animation: Larry Brown

Sila is a material solutions company that engineers next-gen lithium-ion battery materials. They partner with manufacturers and produce more efficient batteries to power our electric future—from innovative mobile devices to electric vehicles and beyond.
Taking reference from the small particles found in the materials they produce, the system builds off of the circle and speaks to the concepts of scale and collective innovation. My focus on this project was to help shape the final visual identity as well as playing a key role in designing their website.